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Chat with people near you santiago de compostela

chat with people near you santiago de compostela

, and this is what those pilgrims walk those hundreds of miles for. Of course, if you live. Its a Romanesque building that was constructed in the 1100s next to the River Sar. No other Santiago De Compostela chat sites compare! Occasionally it will be served with some coffee, and is usually poured into a glass ice-cold. If you wish to get your certificate from the Camino office in Santiago, you need to have at least walked 100km. These are: If you're not doing the Camino Frances, the other routes begin at these places). Thats down to the detail of the Romanesque carvings made by the local sculptor Maestro Mateo in the late-1100s. The other great reason to visit is to trace Galicias wild Atlantic coastline, which has deep fjord-like crags, called rias here. Also on the square are the Cathedral cloister, the Xelmírez Episcopal Palace and the neoclassical Palacio de Raxoi, now housing the city council. Even now the church has a slightly wonky appearance. Youll need a lot of time to see the old centre and its rich ensemble of churches, monasteries and stately squares that took shape around the pilgrimage site from the 900s onwards. If you visit for this festival youve got to get to a bakery and buy a Torta de Santiago, made with  ground almonds and dusted with icing sugar. The grand Plaza del Obradoiro leaves enough room to admire the Cathedrals impressive size and design, and through the front doors you will find the Portico de Gloria, the Corticela chapel and the relic of Saint John all for free. Its a suitably monumental setting for the fireworks that take place on the 24th of July, the eve. Octopus is especially identified with this region, and the dish pulpo á feira is popular throughout Spain. James, which had then only recently been discovered. The, camino de Santiago begins from the front door of your house. Step up to the choir to see the staggering detail of the wood-carving and admire the altarpieces by the 18th-century architect Fernando de Casas Novoa. This is not intended in some kind of metaphysical way (though some take it in that sense). chat with people near you santiago de compostela

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